Why I’m doing this

I’ve always wanted to design a product.

Ever since I was a little kid I was fascinated by the entire inventive process. I remember – I think it was 3rd grade – there was this thing called the Invention Convention.

Every student in my grade had to invent something. Including me. I’m not sure what my invention was called (don’t worry – I’m sure the name wasn’t all that great, anyways). But I remember what it did. It collected garbage. Excited, yet!?

Using a short shovel attached to a pipe and a plastic bag tied to the end of it, my gizmo was supposed to disrupt the trash collection industry. But, guess what? It didn’t. But I think I still got second place, though.

Fast forward 20+ years and here I am. Again. Wanting to take another stab at it. Re-launching my inventor career. Trying to make some big bucks! Wish me luck.

But, WHY am I writing this blog?

  • To share my experiences with you (and hopefully) help with your own journey
    • There are a few books written about the subject. Even a couple online courses. But I wish there were more. And more in depth. This is the blog I wish somebody wrote.
  • To keep me accountable (and pumped)
    • This will be exhausting. Time-consuming. And soul-crushing. Hopefully, writing about it will keep me on my game.
  • To spread the word about my project šŸ‘‰The WeightWalker šŸ‘ˆ
    • This part may sound self-serving – that’s ’cause IT IS! Hopefully, I provide value to you. And you will learn about me and my product. Perhaps even back me? HEY – that would be awesome. šŸ™‚


Next up: Why Kickstarter.

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